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More Flapjack Trailers

Posted on Saturday, August 4th, 2007 under Reviews | No comments

Round Two of my trailer reviews:

  • In the Shadow of the Moon – I don’t my generation was really that big on the whole “space thing”, but that hasn’t stopped me from having interest and intrigue in the stars above. If you enjoyed the great From the Earth to the Moon series that was out a few years ago, this is probably going to be another great treasure for you.
  • The Spiderwick Chronicles- This looks to be a new generation’s Neverending Story. It probably will be very visually appealing, but unless I happen to be hanging out with a 10-year old when it comes out, I don’t plan on seeing this one.

* Arctic Tale - Gag! I probably would actually be able to stomach this seemingly dull and pointless film, if it wasn't being narrated by the Queen.
  • Rush Hour 3 - I fear this movie ... or more accurately, I fear FOR this movie. RH 1 and 2 were really pretty great, but most of what I see in this trailer is forced jokes and heavy-handed punch-lines (pun intended ... why not). I doubt this 3rd installment of the Tucker / Chan adventure will ring true for anyone.
  • Feast of Love - Hmm. It sure is hard to pass up anything that has Morgan Freeman in it. Then again, I'm not really the mushy movie love type. Plus, this was definitely was a trailer that didn't really leave too much "trailing" unknown. Why bother seeing the whole film, when, in under 3 minutes, I have gotten the gist of the plot, the range of the characters and now understand their moments redemption?
  • Dynamite Warrior - Potentional. That is pretty much the only word I have for this right now. Yes it is from the same guys behind all of the amazing Tony Jaa movies and yes, it does look pretty amazing in the way of stunt effects, but I want to know more of the plot and character draw before I invest any emotion toward this release.
  • Rocket Science - Even though I do want to see more of Reece Thompson throwing a cello through a window, I think I would die of boredom during the first 45 minutes of this movie.
  • King of Kong - They'll make a movie about anything, won't they? I like video games the same as the next guy, but count me out.
  • 10,000 B.C. - Wait! Wait! They made a whole movie about those tribal people from Stargate? Weird.
  • Gone Baby Gone - Do yoos thinks that this her movieess takes place somewheres in da Bronx? Er Jersey? Just askin'.
  • The Water Horse - More like I'm gonna be hoarse, from shouting "Turn it off! Turn it off! Please, no more!" Geh.

Wheeew! There's another few more. Anything you'd like to add?

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