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Hot off the Griddle Trailers

Posted on Friday, August 3rd, 2007 under Reviews | No comments

I just got caught up on my Apple Trailers, so here’s the rundown on what looks good and what I wouldn’t waste my money on.

  • Dedication – This looks like something that will be honest and real. I think I will like the ungrounded nature of Billy Crudup’s character (He was great in MI:III). And why not give the director, Justin Theroux, props on a cute little trailer intro … with his MacBook Pro flip-around.
  • National Treasure – Book of Secrets – Good golly! This looks like such a misapplication of potentially talented actors and a possibly decent storyline. I think this is going to have the same effect on me as Pirates 2 did … instead of loving the whole franchise a bit more, I am going to loathe both movies. Oh well. Nick, you didn’t impress me with Ghost Rider … why should I expect any better from this?

Click through for the rest of my reviews on upcoming flicks!

* Things We Lost In the Fire - Wow. That actually looks really good. It isn't really the type of film I would even watch, but there is something about Benecio Del Toro that is compelling. Hmm.
  • The Seeker - the Dark is Rising - How do you spell tripe? It apparently starts with an 's' and endings with something like 'eeker'. Gah! Probably more distrubing than this movies lack of quality is the pride with which Ian McShane wears his curly mullet.
  • The Darjeeling Limited - I was this last night right before the showing of Sunshine (more on that in a later post) ... and again, it doesn't necessarily look like a movie I would see, but it definitely has that flare of uniqueness and seed of hope. Check it out and let me know.
  • December Boys - Ugghhh. How many times do you think they will say "December Boys" in this movie? 10? 20? Even one would be too many for me. I guess if you are interested in seeing more of Harry Potter's fall from innocence, this would be it.
  • Death Sentence - Oh this looks good. Gritty and a train-wreck of fun. And how could you go wrong with some Kevin Bacon goodness?
  • Beowulf - Hmm. I'm not sure. I mean ... I really did enjoy this book growing up and would love to see a version of it better than the weak Chris Lambert one. I just don't know if this is it. If nothing else, I will probably at least see this on DVD, because it is Robert Zemeckis and he didn't disappoint me with Monster House.
  • Lust, Caution - Definitely some different from Ang Lee. It is really fascinating how deep red colors, classic settings and a good san-serif can make draw you into something like this.
  • No End in Sight - I wonder what impact this movie is intended for and what it will actually achieve? Will it be strong enough to cause change or awareness? Should it be?
  • September Dawn - Odd. The trailer doesn't interest me at all ... but the movie synopsis below it actually has my attention. Shouldn't it be the other way around?
  • No Country For Old Men - I am so stoked for this movie! Apple Store Justin ... thank you so much for turning me on to it. It looks a tad bit scarier than I would normally go in for, but I am so there.
  • War - I may not see this in the theaters because of the "iffy" looking plotline, but how can I pass up some good Jet Li and Jason Statham action?

Alright ... more later on. Me outs for now.

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