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Brittany's iBook G3

Posted on Wednesday, June 6th, 2007 under Life | No comments

Yesterday I fixed an iBook for Brittany Kopp:

Seconds after startup (before the ‘chime’) a Kernel Panic would occur, forcing Brittany to restart the machine.

Could be an issue with a startup item, a corrupted font, or a something similar. It might be a hardware issue (i.e. memory failure), so it would be good to try booting into "Safe Mode" first.

(Sidenote: The machine was kinda dirty, which most likely unrelated, but it doesn't hurt to return the machine cleaner than you found it).

# Restarted machine in Safe Mode by pressing Power button and the Shift key at the same time.
# Removed unnecessary installations of "AOL Instant Messenger" (yes, the AOL version, not iChat).
# Checked "Login Items" in System Preferences, just to be sure there were no conflicts.
# Ran Tiger version of Cocktail to check disk permissions, remove temporary files and caches, redo pre-bindings, etc.
# Rebooted machine.

At this point, the iBook restarted but after the main loading window, the startup process was kicked back to the Darwin Single-User Mode and asked for a user login and password. Looks like the initial problem was corrected, but in the process, the link between the startup process and the Login Window had been misplaced/damaged. I have fixed this in the past by running an Mac OSX System Upgrade Installers so:

  1. Rebooted the machine in Safe Mode.
  2. It didn't have an Airport Card, so I connected it via ethernet to a MacBook (turning 'Internet Sharing' on) to access the internet.
  3. Ran Software Update and downloaded/installed all updates.
  4. The machine rebooted and logged in with no problems.

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