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Mac Help

Posted on Tuesday, June 5th, 2007 under News | No comments

Mac Help (uploaded by DRA Studio)

I just realized today that I frequently forget the specific details and diagnosis steps I take when helping others with their Apple hardware and software woes. I guess after the issue is resolved, I just sub-consciously push all the particulars aside and move forward with life. This especially happens when the repair ends up being a typical simple solution. But today I also realized that I have, in the past, had to re-visit and address the exact same issue (or at least a similar one) for someone else. Rather than letting this slip by, I have decided that in addition to the already planned increase in writing, reviews and sketches I will be making to this refreshed blog, I will take the opportunity to chronicle the Mac repairs I make. Of course, the added benefits to you, the reader, are the supplementary content, as well as some handy advice for free.

This is, of course, in no way related to my new position at Apple and all the enthusiasm that it brings … well … maybe a little.

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