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More Monsters Please

Posted on Tuesday, May 15th, 2007 under Life Sketches Writings | No comments

Grizzly Gah!I just love drawing monsters. Scraggely teeth. Hairy arms. Zombie eyes. Bald heads ... oh wait. Maybe that is just my monsters. Either way ... they always make me smile.

So why is our friend here so "grizzly"? Is it his demeanor? His physical disposition? Interesting, isn't? I mean, on one hand, he looks pretty angry and about ready to just chew off your left leg because you beat him again in Mario Kart. Then again ... doesn't his face look completely down-fallen from the fact that you just rejected him because he was just too hairy? How could you? He's gonna cry ... then he probably will chew your head off. Nice going.

Well every good monster deserves a decent poem, so here is his:
I was looking for love, you'd say "in all the wrong places".
I was convinced otherwise,
until I saw their downtrotten faces.

They laughed and jeered me.
"Wanna be friends ...?", I sighed in reply.
"Go get a shave!", they yelled,
from behind a fast flung chocolate cream pie.

Broken and lonely,
I sit on the curb of Elm Street and Pride
Consolling with and to myself,
that, if at least nothing else, I still had tried.

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