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Smiling at how nice Twitteriffic is …

Posted on Monday, April 30th, 2007 under News Status | No comments

Smiling at how nice Twitteriffic is ...

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This is me ... smiling with an evil angry smile at Jodie's iPod. It apparently, would rather take the day off than do its job of providing tunes. "I'll get you yet, 'Hey Steve'!" ...
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Either he is smiling or he is a bit acrimonious ... you tell me. Jodie seems to think he knows something he is not telling us. In dedication of my new sketchbook (a great deal at Pottery Barn today - $1.99!), and my new .1mm pen I purchased at Michael's, I drew this up. After initial ...
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This is my entry for last week's Illustration Friday theme of "wilderness". I did draw it on Friday, but have been so busy with other thing meaningless online things (and a bit o' work) I almost forgot to upload it ... eep! I drew this on the back of some glossy insert that I found in ...
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