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Mario and Me

Posted on Monday, April 2nd, 2007 under News | No comments

Mario Sonic Olympics

I am still "getting caught up" on my designs, art and blogs, so go ahead and let this post fall somewhere among the ups and downs of the past couple of weeks ...

For Jodie's birthday, I was finally able to get her the much sought-after Nintendo Wii. It's funny how it seems so difficult to find and hard-pressed to obtain until you finally have one. Though, one could say that that is the case with so many "things" in life ... you can't live without them, can't get them out of your mind and out of your dreams ... until you finally have it; then it seems as though all the work and wishing was over too quick and what you have finally obtained pales in comparison to the energy and time invested. You quickly find yourself with another pile of "things" that just don't fit and fill that God-shaped hole. Right? Well ... that's another matter ...

We are really loving Wii Sports and look forward to getting our own copy of Smooth Moves or Raving Rabbits. Being able to play all of our old Gamecube games is really great and being the 80's kids that we are, how could we not but love Virtual Console? There are definitely some games coming out soon that we are looking forward to, including Paper Mario, Mario Party 8 and Mario & Sonic @ the Olympic Games. Woot!

Your assignment for tonight? If you have a Wii, drop me a line with your Wii number and let's get on with the Mii Parades

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