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Sweep the Leg

Posted on Friday, February 23rd, 2007 under Design Life | No comments

Oddly enough, I didn't keep any of the things I drew yesterday, so instead I will leave you with two nuggets of YouTube goodness.

The first? John Reuben's new Word of Mouth video ... not too shabby of a track, and the animation is pretty fun. It has this kinda Cartoon Network meets 1970's School House Rock feel too it. (It was directed by Chris Oatley, who's work is pretty great stuff).

Second? No More King's Sweep the Leg video ... because I just bought The Karate Kid on DVD, Principal Belding is cool, trailer-park Cobra Kais make me laugh, and I still think Ralph Macchio is amazing! (You will probably get that song stuck in your head though ... so fair warning).

Yesterday was pretty standard, with work being typically long and boring and party time at our house being really great. Guitar Hero II battles and yummy Wii goodness, thanks to Josh McGrew. Billy Babbino was there too, with an FCC prospect for next year.

Probably my favorite parts of the day were: 1) The compliments I got on the New Creation posters and 2) Right before Googly's Cafe, when Jen and I were at the pizza place and having the owner ask us where we had been and how come we hadn't eaten there in a few days ... since neither of us had been there is well over 4 months.

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