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The Cliffs

Posted on Wednesday, February 21st, 2007 under Design Life Writings | No comments

Evening on the Cliffs

Today was another great day of accomplished tasks ... among which was the New Creation poster (check out the Flickr sidebar!). Karati-gami at d-groups went really well ... even if I did make Jen mad at me for a bit. ;) I am now well on my way to getting those thousand origami cranes so I can have my wish.

After Southside band practice, Jen and I worked on this desktop wallpaper together ... not to shabby, I think. And the poem, in part, really speaks to my feelings as of late. Enjoy.
She stands upon the precipice, her gaze within the rocks' warm embrace.
her hair ... it floats on the midnight breeze,
while a forlorn sadness darkens her face.

She's taken a few steps more,
closer still to night's starless intent.
A decision must be made,
this choice, now is beyond circumvent.

When from a sudden, she is found;
stumbled upon by loved one's loving eye.
"Hold fast ... still!", is the desperate plea.
"Speak to me and share! Why it is that you must die?"

Choice now stands at your side;
Leaving you with two ways to end tonight.
Sure is the fate that lies before you,
while hope, it beckons to set things right.

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