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Rock Weekend

Posted on Wednesday, February 14th, 2007 under Life | No comments

Bass Trio plus One

IMPACT this weekend was pretty amazing. Not only was I really pleased with my bass playing for our sets, but I have heard so many great things already about how we did. Yes, that was me on stage ... the kid in the Karate Kid bandana, killin' it rockstar style. :D

And even more than being pleased with how the band did, I was totally psyched about how much the kids/teens enjoyed us and how much they were able to take away from the worship sessions with Josh Finkler. And of course, it doesn't hurt that plenty of people had great words to say about my shirts and were interested in having some Oscar-art of their own. Chhsk

So, I have been thinking about getting a new bass. I mean, I do like my most recent (2 years now?) bass plenty ... but it is just a Carlo Robelli 5-string with built-in pre-amp ... nothing too special, and I think I have outgrown its look and feel. And as much as I like having a 5-string, I really don't like any of the available options that any of the big guys put out (Fender, Gibson, etc.) ... most are just so ugly and pretentious.

Everyone has been recommending Fender Precision Basses to me, and a few of them are in the picture above, but I also had my eye on a few others. I really like the look of the Gibson Thunderbird IV, but I hear some disconcerting things about its weight and playability. And even before I saw the Dark Romantics girl with a Rickenbacker, I have loved the way they look. But I am pretty much pushed that aside, since I have been told more than a few times that they lack the low-end a better bass can deliver.

So right now, I think I am really into the Fender Reissue '51. It's simple and slick, with just a touch of retro-goodness. And the more I see the butterscotch blonde color, the more I like it.

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