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I am 24!

Posted on Tuesday, February 13th, 2007 under Life | No comments

Synth Board Yes! Finally! Now I am old enough to ... to ... um ... er ... drink? Nope. Smoke? Nah. Go clubbin'? Ehh. Oh wait, I got it. The best and only way to celebrate your 24th Birthday is to lose your Canadian Citizenship! How could I forget. :)

Thanks for all the "Happy Birthday" goodness ... among some of the best was the pizza party, the house party that I missed most of (band practice and all ... but that was good too), and of course, the day off of work. I don't remember ever going to school or work on my birthday and I don't plan for that to change any time soon. ;)

At the top of my B-day gifts was definitely the M-Audio USB MIDI keyboard that Jodie got me. I just started taking piano lessons this year and this 49-key wonder is just perfect. Not only does it have a nice feel and weight to the keys, but it interfaces with Garageband so stinkin' well (for instance, like how the volume slider on the board matches the individual instrument volume sliders ... so yummy).

So thanks to that and a few hours of getting us to playing with MIDI tracking and notation, here is my song (in MP3 format) I wrote for this week's piano lesson. Nothing too fancy. Just 15 measures and it had to be in the key of 'C'. Enjoy.

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