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Posted on Wednesday, February 7th, 2007 under Sketches | No comments

Monster in the Fridge

Here is my newest painting, done for our kitchen at the 2324 Apartment. Oh how I love drawing monsters ... really if it wasn't for me already wanting to own a pet bear, I would want a pet monster. :)

This week is, of course, part of the wonderful tradition that Jodie and I started of celebrating "Birth-Week". This year, it looks like besides my actual Birthday party tomorrow, the main celebration of each day is new episodes of our favorite shows (Heroes on Monday, Veronica Mars on Tuesday, LOST on Wednesday, The Office on Thursday) ... and, obviously, finishing off the week with our band playing for IMPACT on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. :)

If you watched any of the new episodes, let me know what you think ... and if you are gonna be out for IMPACT, be sure to pick up one of our shirts ... they came in today and I know I want one.

Oh I wrote the piano music for my first song today ... I still am working on the words, but I will try to put into Garageband soon, so you can all have a listen ;)

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