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Sushi Wednesday

Posted on Thursday, January 18th, 2007 under Life | 1 comment

As part of my many New Year's resolutions, I decided to cook 3 new recipes each month ... one Chinese, one Japanese and one Mexican. Last night's recipe was sushi!
Thanks to help with ingredients and instruction from Missy, shopping with Jen (at a local Asian Market ... so much fun), and cooking with Jill and Josh, along with everyone else, last night's party went amazingly well.

There was a great blend of friends, food and feng shui. Along with both the crab and all-veggie sushi, we had some of my Mom's yummy stir fry with white rice, spicy teriyaki chicken from Josh, and of course, delicious chocolate-chip cookies from Amy P. Chopsticks were provided by our local P.F. Chang's and Hunan take-out.

There wasn't really a specific recipe we used (basically Missy's past experience instead), but there are plenty of good ones on Google. It is super easy and a decent amount of ingredients makes a lot of sushi. Why not go ahead and try it ... it's lots of fun!

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Got somethin' to say? This is the place ... just try to play nice.

Basically, I uploaded the pictures from the night this morning and it made me so very happy. It reminded me of my freshmen year when we had Tuesday Night Dinner. A group of 6-10 of us would gather, each taking turns cooking/cooking together and would eat and have a few hours to just feel like we had homes and families, not living out of pizza boxes. I say we begin it as a traditional event, specifically on a night I can actually participate ;) It'd be good chance for you to get in your three a month a nice time for us all to be together. That's just my 2cents though.


Comment on Friday, January 19th, 2007 by missy

How to make sushi...

If you are a Sushi lover, you probably want to know how to make sushi.
Well, it is easier than you think! You already know that it is more than
just raw fish, and it is an art itself, but making Sushi, like everything,
gets easier with practice. Let&...


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