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Vanilla Tuesday

Posted on Wednesday, January 17th, 2007 under Sketches | No comments

Hello Wisconsin!

So while I was walking to the Chapman Center to mail a package to my sis up in Wisconsin yesterday, I realized that a manila envelope's name was probably derived from a combination of "mustard" and "vanilla". Mustard+Vanilla = Manilla. Interesting, eh? How come we don't call it a "vustard" folder or a "mustanilla" piece of paper instead?

And did you know that vanilla extract (like the kind I use in the homemade pancakes I made for everyone yesterday :)) has a hefty percentage of alcohol in it? Or that it is probably one of the worst tasting things you have ever put in your mouth? Gahhhh! Just wait till you see the pictures. Who knew something that smelled so delicious could put leave you with such an awful disposition and making faces like an old whiskey grandpa!

What are your suggestions for some semi-harmless, but totally repugnant foods that would be great consequences in a good game of Dare Spoons*?
*Dare Spoons is a slight variation on the card game "Spoons", with the added twist of having to suffer a group-decided punishment if you reach your limit of lost rounds (i.e. spelling out S-P-O-O-N).
And oh yeah ... peep the AMAZING pin that Rick gave me yesterday ... a vintage Apple IIe! Simply wonderful.

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