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Yer Ole' Switcheroo

Posted on Wednesday, January 10th, 2007 under Life News | No comments

Yes, yes. Things look a bit different now and if you happened to be checking throughout the day, you probably noticed all kinds of wonky-ness. Just hit the "Refresh" and enjoy some new dainties here on the Sketch Blog.

Probably the biggest reason for the change-up in look and feel of my blog is to get me a bit more excited about wanting to consistently keep a journal of my daily sketches and thoughts, but there were plenty of secondary reasons ... namely, K2. With their ease-of-use improvements to the standard WordPress environment, ability to add tons of features via plugin, and AJAX slick-ed-ness, it was a no-brainer to give it a go.

So while I have only made small adjustments to the default look and plan to make it all custom-fancy-beautiful, go ahead and definitely check out some of the additions:
  • Nifty "Archives" slider that lets you look at past entries, without reloading the page.
  • Flickr photos in the sidebar, along with my soon to be growing list of "Books I Just Read"
  • Instant Searching
  • Recent comments left by you, in the "Look Who's Talking" sidebar
  • Another beautiful background, courtesy of SF
Have fun ... I will have new posts later on today.

**For all of you wanting to break your brain on some seriously cool, but totally in-depth and algebra-esque CSS style selecting, check out the W3 article I found.

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