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Monday, so this is Christmas

Posted on Friday, December 29th, 2006 under Life Sketches | 2 comments

Note: This is the second version of this post. Why, you might ask? Let's just say that staying up late, typing in a comfy cozy bed and feeling drowsy while waiting to talk to a friend on iChat aren't the best combination for blogging. At some point while typing in my sleep, I managed to lose the first version. Oh well.

So Christmas morning was most wonderful this year. Not only did we get to enjoy some yummy Chesser "breakfast puffs" (quite delicious), but there were stockings for all and plenty of presents and gifts to sedate our materialistic urges. ;)

As you might have guessed from my little sketch, I am very happily back among the "I own an iPod" cult (thanks, Jodie!) and what a good cult it is. The dues are cheap, the poison is long-lasting and you get to name your own vice. I call mine "Love", after the scripture from Psalms that Jodie had engraved for me. And since I knew an iPod might be among one of my presents, I requested one of the (Product)RED ones, so that I could participate in their worthy campaign (My gift will provide anti-retroviral (AVR) treatment for one month to a person living with HIV).

There were plenty of other gifts and giftcards and fun toys (and some pictures of geeky me growning up too ... thanks Mom! ;)), but "Love" was of course my favorite. Coming in second were probably the Prismacolors (also from Jodie) and 3D drawing paper (cuz I miss the Wilsons) and then the iTunes card (I've been making a Buy Me! playlist for awhile now). Oh and of course the yummy yummy cookies from my Great Grandmother's recipe that my little sis made me! So delicious.

Jodie liked what I got her (every boy can relate that it is always good when those gifts go over well :)) and the rest of the morning did result in some Nintendo Wii fundage, which is very exciting.

So, tell me. What did you get for Christmas? What were the expensive things and what were the personal things that meant alot to you? Ohh and what was your favorite Holiday song this year? Mine was "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)" by U2. Peep the music video on YouTube ... so 80's amazing!

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so i am very excited to see that you got an ipod...i got a new ipod as well...however i went with the black one...i am very excited about the video's that i can play on it...its pretty sweet...i definitely think that my mom went overboard this year...not that i'm complaining but i simply feel like i got everything that i wanted...i got one of those things to play my ipod in my car and some fun gift cards...and pretty much just anything that i had mentioned...it was probably the best christmas ever...anyways...i'm glad you enjoyed the holidays...how are you doing...?


Comment on Sunday, January 7th, 2007 by Beth

Oh course with the black one ... so that way, if you every work out the MacBook present thing, you will be all set to get a matching one. ;)

I am good, but I still want to know how your new school/classes are going.


Comment on Wednesday, January 10th, 2007 by oscar

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