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Tuesday, for tirades and tears

Posted on Wednesday, December 13th, 2006 under Sketches Writings | No comments

Seeing you cry, hurts me inside.
It cuts deep at my heart,
and bleeds emotions I can't hide.

As you trade your wisdom for fear,
you turn your face down.
There is anger and ire ...
See, they pattern your frown.

Your tears well up,
as your eyes go red.
I truly want to hold you,
but longing stares must suffice instead.

I feel your pain
and it hurts me too.
Please consider that if you left me,
All that I enjoy of me, would leave with you.

(... night passes ...)

Awake and find delight,
Smile at morning making night's end.
Today is fresh and unstained,
and I'm still here to be your friend.

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