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Friday, full of Fun

Posted on Sunday, December 10th, 2006 under Life Sketches | No comments

Work just dragged on and on, but chinese for lunch with friends was pretty fun. The lady at Great Wall just seems to get funnier everytime we go. We got Missy's sweater finished and it is probably the most wonderfully tacky thing ever ... and I discovered how incredibly difficult it is to not laugh out loud when someone compliments something you know is a total joke. Ah well, what can you do?

Friday night was most amazing, with me again getting to go with Tyler to a show ... again to see a couple of bands I don't really know and again being totally blown away by the goodness. This time it was the Death + Taxes Show at the HOBO (House of Blues, Orlando ... hehe) and it was Appleseed Cast and Copeland playing. Owen as the opening act wasn't too shabby; I really didn't care for Acute, except maybe the piano/keyboard portions.

Appleseed had such a phenomenal sound and Copeland ... well, Copeland definitely surprised me. Back when good ol' D Marrs drummer, John Bucklew joined them, I wasn't a fan at all of their music. But what they brought tonight was very enjoyable and moving ... though it is entirely possible that my opinion was swayed by the piano sounds from Aaron Marsh during most of the show. ;)

Tyler and I finished off the night with some Rockstar and a few late night vodcasts ... DL.TV and The 1UP Show to be specific. Oh and his new Brian Regan DVD. Very fun.

** P.S. - Before I forget, the rabbit there is for Vanessa. That's right. Vanessa ... that cool girl that we don't get to hang out with anymore, except over iChat or the phone. Yay for a very Merry Bunny Christmas! **

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