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Tuesday, in search of Truancy

Posted on Thursday, December 7th, 2006 under Life Sketches | No comments

An apt name for a post that should really be about all the things I didn't do at work today. What with it being "Take Your Daughter-esque Friend to Work Day", how could I not have been distracted and less productive ... ;).

Truthfully, I got quite a bit done at work today ... it is absolutely amazing how well your mind can work on zero hours of sleep and just one cup of coffee. "Why an all-nighter", you may ask? Who knows! But nothing is better than getting caught up on design work while talking for 7 or so hours on iChat (that is AIM for you, Bethie!).

Plenty of people were in and out of the office today ... some of whom were nice enough to contributed to the beginning of my sketchbook collages, which makes me very happy. Thanks in part to the great post of David Kilpatrick's sketchbook on Drawn yesterday, I am now so excited about filling each page with as much art and color as possible, especially of the mixed media kind. And the idea of a sketchbook that is overflowing with items and artwork inspired by a roadtrip or tour of a foreign country sounds so incredible!

Chick-fil-A was pretty bomb-diggity tonight (don't ask ... I think it is the ice-dream going to my head ... literally ... right though my ears, Missy!) and if you happen to be one of the many in attendance at our Chick-fil-A's grand re-opening coming up soon, you might just get a hug from a really cool guy in a cow suit :) ... hehe. There was plenty of other fun had tonight ... involving hair dye and frosting and Rockstar and possibly me forgetting about Amanda, but those are just great memories of a well-spent youth.

I hope you like the piece for today. It started out pretty innocently but evolved into something a bit grander, I think. Jack's Mannequin and "I'm Ready" weren't necessarily the inspiration, but they are the dedication. Enjoy.

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