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Friday, the 1st

Posted on Sunday, December 3rd, 2006 under Sketches | No comments

** Fun little Holiday Color-Me! for all the kids. Enjoy and be sure to use plenty of funky colors! **

Plenty of great things happened today ... like D-Group, which went really well, even if only 4 people showed up ... or lunch with Jodie and Matt (mmhmm for yummy Chinese food!) ... but what I enjoyed most was hanging out with and talking to friends that I hadn't had the chance to in quite some time. Eric, Jodie, and I spent some fun times watching more of the Death Cab for Cutie videos and we got to talk about ministries and life over some delicious Chipotle burritos. Walking around the Loop, we met up with more friends from FCC and Gold Coast Christian Camp and enjoyed a few minutes with them. Later on, Adam and Vanessa (she is cool ... see? Now you have a reason to read this post!) gave us a call and we got to catch up a bit. And of course, I got to end the day late into the morning, in my most favorite way ... chatting it up online until my eyes couldn't stay open any longer.

Sigh Time spent with friends is so wonderful. Oh, and getting a new pair of jeans, a few new inking brushes and a fresh sketchbook always make things better! :)

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