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Tuesday, the 28th

Posted on Thursday, November 30th, 2006 under Sketches Writings | No comments

Need to Cogitate There are certain emotions that life evokes,
that grab at you hard, in strangling chokes.
Ones blatant, and rude and horribly coarse.
They are painfully real, fully void of remorse.

Sometimes those emotions give way to end,
to passing of life and eternal rest.
But with love in your life, and side by a friend,
You will find you aren't as wounded, not nearly, at best.

This is just another chapter in the story of a boy,
a man's attempt at freedom and purpose found.
It doesn't have to end, flawed without joy.
It can have hope. It can have love. Reasons to resound.
** P.S. This photo is of an amazing group painting a few of us worked on over the last couple of days for my FCC office. Click through to the Flickr to see the rest of the shots and details. **

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