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Tuesday, the 21st

Posted on Friday, November 24th, 2006 under Reviews Sketches | 2 comments

** Yet another fun Color-Me for all the fans out there. Hop if you enjoy this one! Woot Woot! **

Same ol' blah'dy blah at work. No friends in town and not really enough work to keep my mind preoccupied ... and not thinking about wanting to be outside in the cool afternoon air. Oh well. Yay for lazy Thanksgiving week non-productivity!

After work, there was plenty of relaxing and a little napping too ... in preparation for the midnight showing of The Fountain with Matt and Steph at one of our favorite theatres, AMC Loews Cineplex.

The Fountain was so amazing ... it is all I am going to talk about today. Definitlely, it gets 5 out 5 golden stars from me (probably Matt, too), for overall picture, story, visuals and casting. The story and concept is of course phenomenal, with a very welcome transient, yet ominous time perception about it. The visuals were more than enjoyable, especially in conjunction with the unique and extraordinary artwork done on the graphic novel by Kent Williams. I definitely recommend reading the novel, particularly as a precursor for the movie, if possible. That is how I did it and I definitley enjoyed seeing the illustrated work come to life in the movie. Hugh Jackman was great in his varying character scope, but I think the really wonderful work done was by Rachel Weisz, who did a superb job reshaping each of her roles/appearances in each of the different time periods.

If you haven't already seen it, please do. I know Steph didn't really like it and Jodie said she was plenty confused, but it is a fantastic piece of film art that needs to be explored and appreciated. See it with a friend (or a date ... ;)) and let me know what each of you think. Later.

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"See it with a friend (or a date … ;) )"...you're dumb!
Yeah, go see the Fountain. It's really good...except some weird parts.
Also, you need to catch up these blogs because it is not Tuesday and this is starting to get confusing!


Comment on Saturday, November 25th, 2006 by missy rocks

Sorry if I said the wrong thing ... sometime my head gets away from me. :)

And sorry I am not caught up ... tonight I promise!


Comment on Saturday, November 25th, 2006 by Oscar

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