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Saturday, 18th

Posted on Thursday, November 23rd, 2006 under Sketches | No comments

Whoa ... what a sobering morning. Things have been insanely awesome the past 4 ... 5 ... however many days (it all runs together when you don't actually sleep ;)) and now I have another immense Rockstar hangover (I really didn't think that was even possible, but trust me ... I feel it).

Because of something a friend said, I have also come to the sober cognizance (there is another new word for you, Missy) that in the last few months (heck, maybe even years) there has been an incredible lack of accomplishment and worthwhile contributions made on my part toward ministry. Really I feel that it has been so very long since I actually made a concerned effort to tell someone about Jesus and actually cared to talk to someone about their life and what they were struggling with. At some point, I simply stopped caring about the feelings and labors of others and fell into this happy contentment of just playing at a game called "Christian" instead.

I am working toward something new though and I am asking God to provide me with the energy and resources, the encouragement of friends and family, and the guidance to make the most of the precious time he has allotted for me.

What is it that you once planned for your life; that one big goal you dreamed and cried about ... have you achieved it yet? What great things have you set before yourself to spur you on ... are they in your grasp now? Are they even within sight anymore? Tell me.

P.S. At the Phil Noto gallery show (Überbot - Winterpark, FL) tonight, the man had so much great artwork ... all completed in under a week. Simply phenomenal. My favorite piece was definitely "Debutante". Check 'em out.

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