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Monday, the 20th

Posted on Thursday, November 23rd, 2006 under Sketches | No comments

Blah ... who wants to work on a Thanksgiving Monday? I so should have taken the entire week off. With none of my usual office visitors stopping by, I was definitely not as productive today (don't ask me how that works out).

I already miss all of my friends that have gone home for the holidays, but things turned out pretty good with Jodie and I getting to hang around the FCC campus late tonight; her as an expert consultant on apartment decorating for the girls in 421 and me working on those sweet painted shoes for Missy. It is nice to finally have them done and on her feet ... they had been sitting too long unfinished on my art table. I will have to post more photos later on, but trust me that they turned out very good. Nothing like late-night fire antics and slightly burnt cookies to enourage some creative work (just kidding about the cookies ;) ... they were good. And the tea too!).

So for those that didn't work today ... how better did you spend your pre-Thanksgiving Monday? Hmm?

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