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Tuesday, the 14th

Posted on Thursday, November 16th, 2006 under News | No comments

Threadless Holiday Sale

What is the deal with people expecting me to speaking another language? Why, just because of my "heritage", is it assumed that I can speak Spanish and frowned upon that I don't? I did not migrate to this country ... I was born here. The language I choose to speak and the language I was educated in is English. That is it. That is all. Nothing more.

I do not define myself by, now two-generation-removed cultural influences and ancestral practices. I was born as me. That is all. No instinctual preferences toward Hispanic colors, music, or anything else were hereditarily passed along. I am only me. Nothing more.

Maybe when I am older and need to fall back on something to give my children a sense of "home", "pride" and maybe even some of that time-honored "heritage", I'll give it a looksie, but right now, I am just me. Nu'u'uthing more.

And what in the world is the deal with those same people being oblivious to the fact that they have yet to "re-claim" their own heritage. How many white caucasians do you know that speak German or Irish or even the King's English, for crying out loud. How many, huh? Why can't they embrace their own ancestrial goofiness and then come bother me about ignoring my "culture" afterwards. Hmm? Blah! Humbug!

At any rate, the fine folks over at Threadless are having another $10 sale. Jump on it, you fool. Those shirts are superb and sooner or later, some of those will be my shirts up fo sale.

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