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Sunday, the 12th

Posted on Thursday, November 16th, 2006 under Sketches | No comments

* Everyone seems to be enjoying the Color Me! art pieces, so I am going to keep 'em coming. Here is a belated Halloween piece, but feel free to work up something totally ghouly with it (real Halloween fans won't care that it is already November).*

Sunday was a great time with family and friends. Jodie and I heading into Poinciana to spend some time with her dad and all the family that was in town to support him after his recent surgery/diagnosis. We enjoyed lots of laughs and good times ... Jodie had an especially great time visiting with her cat, Buddy, whom we haven't seen in a while.

At one point during the afternoon, we had fun making our own version of the question game, "Marry, Date or Dump". Besides the following, what are your favorite party/group gathering question games to play?

  • Desert Island - Top 5 movies, books, friends, etc. you would take if you were stranded on a desert island.
  • Would You Rather - Questions with two either-or choices ... i.e. "Would you rather get mauled by blood-thirsty sharks or give blood at a mall full of vampires?" ;)
  • Who'd You Do - Okay, that one is only on here because of The Office episode. No, really.
  • Getting Fired - My personal creation, but lots of fun. Just think about the most extreme things you could do at your present job that wouldn't get you fired.

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