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Rockstar High

Posted on Thursday, November 16th, 2006 under Sketches | No comments

Some nights are good nights and some nights are great nights. And ... then there are some nights that leave you with a Rockstar-hangover and a difficult time remembering what wasn't funny at 2 a.m. and what wasn't even funnier at 4 a.m.

This post goes out to my good friends (or how about gal-pals? That sounds pretty fun, right?) Melissa Heissner and Beth Schwingel, for coming over, staying up late, and making every, single thing totally ridiculous. No, they didn't get their homework done. No, I didn't finish painting Melissa's shoes for Amsterdam. And no, we were didn't discuss anything of remotely spiritual value ... but it was a whole lot of UCF'ing fun. (That last part was just for all you Homecoming Concert kids ... yah, more energy please!)

And just for the record, a double batch of home-made Chesser chili is not enough for 15+ college students. At least not enough if you want any leftovers.

  • The art is 49% a painting I did last night on the balcony, 23% typography and brush strokes, 11% layer blending, and 210% sleep deprivation. I (heart) Rockstar! Be sure to peep the super large Flickr version for all the gritty details!

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