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Saturday, the 11th

Posted on Monday, November 13th, 2006 under Sketches | No comments

What do you do when you have a free Saturday with no prior plans? I spent most of mine sleeping since Friday night was pretty crazy and late-night goodness, but I definitely followed it up with a few of my favorite lazy Saturday activities. Here's a decent-sized list, if you are looking for some ideas for this coming Sat'.
  • Big Breakfast - With homemade pancakes and yummy bacon, just like Mom used to make.
  • Thrift store shopping - Goodwill is a good one, but man O man Think Thrift, I miss you!
  • Abandoned building spelunking - Um yeah ... I've never done that, officer. ;)
  • Local Library - Even if Jodie doesn't like books, I love 'em!
  • Yard Sale-ing - The best if you have a couple of Wilsons along with you!
  • People watching - At your local Wal-Mart, nearby Mall, or favorite Starbucks, it's a good time.
  • Playing chicken with tractors - Trust me. If I had some tractors, I'd be fighting with them.
  • Cruisin' the town - Definitely better in a classic car, but if you have a hot date, you're set.
Okay, let's hear it. What are YOUR favorite things to do on a lazy Saturday?

(P.S. - If anyone knows where that sweet kitty-ninja sticker I got from Überbot originated, it would be much appreciated. I likes it a lot.)

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