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New Beginnings

Posted on Saturday, November 4th, 2006 under News | No comments

... or more accurately, continuings. Why is it always that I/others feel it is necessary when trying something different or new, it has to be referred to as a beginning. A fresh start. A new face on life. Why do we feel the need to break off from where we are before we can begin again?

I think most youth ministers or youth sponsors are familiar with this abstraction. How many times have we seen the same three people go forward at a CIY conference, rededicate their lives, and ask for a chance for a fresh start ... only to return the following year for another go at it.

I am sure there is a deep-seated bio/philosophical reasoning behind it; something along the lines of "we were raised from infancy completely innocent and unaccomplished, with abounding hope - thus we continually seek to return to it." I, however, being unfamiliar with an in-dept scope of those areas and vastly versed in that of television, am forced to rely on the witty quips of my own philosophical heroes - a.k.a. Gil Grissom. He, of course, would probably find this behavior as reasoning behind a grand murderer sub-complex, but that is not really the reason of this post.

In the words of my friend Nacho, "let's get to the nitty gritty". I've decided that as much as I love having an online journal of my sketches, it is not really all that I wanted this weblog to be. And without having to make a bold step, claim a new start and be crushed when it comes back to bite me in the wanny (that's for you, Missy!) ... I will simply call this a new "continuing".

Looking back at past blog entries, I realized I really was more interested in keeping a more vivid diary/journal of what I was going through and/or feeling at the time and not so much simply a place to store my sketches (I mean, that is what free services like Flickr are for).

So, whether you were really interested or not, along with my continued daily sketches and graphic projects, I will also present to you several paragraphs each day with my thoughts, hopes, goals, etc. It should be fun and for all you that could care less, feel free to just skip ahead and just look at the pretty pictures. I am an adamant believer in the "not being able to miss what you didn't know was there" theory.

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