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Agent of the Month

Posted on Saturday, September 23rd, 2006 under Life | No comments

So, pretty sweet ... my big sis, Jessica, was named Agent of the Month with Geek Squad ... for the WHOLE company. Not too shabby. Below the fold I am posting part of her interview, since she's got some good words to say about client/customer interaction.

Time with Geek Squad:

Two years with Geek Squad, four with Best Buy

What's your secret to becoming agent of the month?

"Never giving up my secret identity. OK, not really. It's knowing the limitations of myself and my fellow agents so that I never over promise. Nothing makes me more frustrated than hearing a client tell us about what was promised and NOT delivered."

What's your store's secret for success?

"Tell it like it is. If it's a parent dropping off the computer and they ask why it's broken and the reason is P2P or pr0n, break it to them gently. Explaining how/why helps them prevent future problems. I've learned that not telling them leads to suspicion about what we're doing and if we're doing it right."

The top things you like to offer customers:
  1. Belkin routers: They have a lifetime warranty and nobody ever plugs their routers into a surge protector or battery backup.
  2. Quality service: I like nothing better than repeat customores who know me. They're the first ones to stick up for me and what I'm saying and to get other customers to follow my recommendations.
  3. Automated data backup - online or external hard drive: Nothing's worse than losing all the songs you paid for.

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