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Sweet Lady Creative …

Posted on Monday, September 18th, 2006 under Design Life | No comments

... let's make out!

Well, it looks like all of us MacBook-toting designer illustrators finally know the price of our new-found Intel speed goodness. Today on Terry White's excellent podcast, he previewed the new Acrobat 8 Professional and dropped the news that the big A is TODAY announcing the new Adobe Creative Suite 2.3, complete with Universal versions of all our favorite design apps. Is the .3 upgrade going to cost us? You betcha!

If you're coming from CS 2, you're looking at $159 USD. CS 1 (Premium or Standard) is gonna run you $549 USD and if you are just getting into this Creative Suite game, look forward to plunking down $1199 USD.

Why so much for only an upgrade? Seems there is more than just simple re-coding to Universal going on. If the Acrobat 8 demo is any indication, we can look forward to speed boosts, gui-refinement, and workflow improvements. Oh yeah ... Adobe's also decided to include Dreamweaver 8 as a "plus" ... so instead of just getting what I need, I get benefit of having two fully-functioning WYSIWYG editors. Personally, I would have preferred a price reduction and no-DW inclusion, but that is just because I love to typing away in TextMate.

Looks like I was wrong about scope of applications that this update would effect. Getting into this only updates Acrobat to Universal binary. Everything else won't be seeing that goodness for quite some time. Ah, phooee! (TUAW has more information here.)

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