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Comic-Con Sketches

Posted on Saturday, August 19th, 2006 under Sketches | No comments

So for being our first Comic Con, thing went really well. Not only did we get a chance to score some sweet sketches, meet some of the faces behind the names of artist we really enjoy, but we also got to hang and chat with lots of fun people. Here are some of the sketches that Matt and I got:

Pencil sketch of Wolverine X-23 by Billy Tan. He is a great and really nice guy. He gave us both free sketches, even though he was busy working on commissions.

Pencil and ink sketch of Squirrel Girl and Monkey Jo by Paul Pelletier. Amazingly down-to-earth guy, Paul talked a bunch with us his work at Cross-Gen and was plenty of fun to meet.

Print of Rocketeer poster. This was from a booth with some really nice prints, including a pretty decent "Women of Serenity" poster.

Ink and crayon sketch of V for Vendetta by David Lloyd. Another nice guy, Mr. Lloyd shared some of his thoughts about V and Alan Moore with us and promoted his upcoming book, Kickback.

Pencil sketch of Birds of Prey by Phil Noto. Phil was probably my favorite guy to meet. Not only did he use to work with Phillip Boyd at Disney on projects like Lilo and Stitch, but he is from the Winter Park area and loves Uberbot as much as we do. Looks like he has a painting exhibit coming up there in November ... sweet.

Pencil sketch of Spider-Man by Billy Tan. This one was for Matt.

Ink sketch of by Tony Bedard. Tony was hilarious ... even though he was at the convention as a writer, you can clearly see his skills are being underused ... :)

Ink sketch of by Batman by Joe Benitez. Quite guy, but good work.

Matt also got a Daredevil/Spider-Man commission piece done by an indie artist named Sean Surface, who did an amazing job. I will try to post a picture of the piece later on. We were really hoping to get some work done by the mighty Greg Land, but with his prices, it was good enough to just chat with him.

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