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Swinging into Action!

Posted on Tuesday, June 27th, 2006 under Reviews | No comments

Spider-Man 3Aha! Finally the first Spider-Man 3 trailer has arrived. The sweet 480p version is setting itself into the zeros and ones of my hardrive as I type this. Check it out and let me know your thoughts!

Also, if you haven't already peep'd the trailer for Ghost Rider, stop dilly-dallying and get to it! It already looks really great and if you know a bit about the story behind Nicholas Cage and superhero movies, you know he has a lot of passion to bring to this film.
Update: You can read my thoughts on the new SM3 trailer below the fold ... just no peeking until you watch it!
Okay so here we go:
  • Looks like they are still filming, as there really wasn't any of the symbiote shape-shifting sweetness going on ... and as Matt put it so well, "that is all done in post production." They just better keep it real when it comes to the alien symbiote that eventually turns Eddie Brock into Venom ... and if they are smart, they'll have taken a look at the extraordinary writing that was done in the Spider-Man : The Venom Factor novel ... that story made me want a symbiote of my own!
  • So it's true. Topher Grace is in place as Peter Parker's semi-rival, Eddie Brock. There really wasn't much to his introduction in the trailer, but his look seems to fit the bill much better than I though he could. Now if only they can get some of that legendary maniacal rage to come across when he hits his Venom stride.
  • Matt and I were talking and from what the trailer showed so far, it really doesn't look like Venom has much of a role; the story seems to be revolving around Harry Osbourne laying claim to the Green Goblin personae, with a sub-plot of Sandman as a villian. If that is accurate, that means Marvel could be setting us up for yet another film, this time with the resolution to the Venom story ... which is fine by me. I mean, I love the whole Venom story (the FOX cartoon saga based on it is fantastic) and the though that it might give us another great Spidey flim is very pleasing.
  • Spider-Man in black ... so astounding (or if you prefer the vernacular - 'so pimp!')! Seriously though, when the symbiote version of Spider-Man comes into play, it looks to be really really good.
  • At one point you see Peter in a stepple by a large bell ... o yeah, that should be good!
  • Sandman looks great! We all already know that good looking CG sand-effects are possible, thanks in large part to The Mummy. Thomas Haden Church really looks good for this role ... and the icing on the cake is him in his typical green striped shirt. Ah! ... I love Marvel.
  • And finally, the Mary Jane and Harry love interest might be a little bit played out, but when Peter starts to slip into the darkness that the alien symbiote brings, and he apparently finds a new love interest ... it is gonna be good.
Overall, this movie looks thrilling, intense, and well-worth the wait for next year!

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