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Robot Overlord

Posted on Saturday, June 24th, 2006 under Sketches | No comments

My entry for today. Lately, I really haven't had anything specific in mind to draw, but I know I am supposed to keep it up every day, so I am working on that ... though it doesn't really help that I haven't really like any of the last Illustration Friday themes. "Dance", "Rain", "Butt" ... I mean, come on! :)

I might try to work up a color version of this, but then again ... me working for a robot ... I don't know if I should submit so early in on in the invasion period. It doesn't bode well for the whole "pride of humanity" thing. We'll see.

I read a great post over at Max Hsu's blog on Friday ... about his thoughts on post processing of photos (mainly in tools like Photoshop). One thing he said was probably one of the more sucinct reasonings behind using RAW photo format:

The best way to start with posting is to shoot RAW if you can. RAW format is exactly what the camera's sensor sees and unlike a jpeg may contain as much as 2 extra stops of highlight or shadow information. RAW also allows you to squeeze enough information out of it that you can make HDRs. Of course, you'll need a raw converter or a recent version of iphoto.

During our great MOH session in the FCC Library classroom on Thursday, I got to fend off the mighty Shelob ... check out a picture of the monster, if you dare!

Oh yeah ... Vanessa ichat'd me a link to the Official Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends Production Crew blog. Pretty cool so far.

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