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Summertime Merriment

Posted on Friday, June 9th, 2006 under Life | 1 comment

The time of summer is a upon us and if you find yourself with lots of free time like I have, you will need some distractions. Allow me to recommend the following:
  • Find your local library and check out some books, movies, and DVDs. Seriously. It's free and fun!
  • Buy a Mac. Okay, so this one isn't really practical for everyone, but if you got the extra cash it is the perfect way to spend days and days of your free time.
  • Flash games and animations. O yeah, these are great time-wasters. My personal favorites include Homestarrunner.com, Orisinal games by Ferry Halim, and animations by Jared Chapman. A brand new fun time I just found out about is Vectorpark.
  • Drawn! ... one word that will keep you busy for weeks.
  • Online home vidoes. You know the ones ... crazy people doing crazy things and then posting them online. Get yours at either YouTube.com or Google Video.
  • Purevolume.com ... enough free music to fill a Bavarian-flavored dump truck ... or something else more music related.
  • Quicktime Movie trailers. There are plenty and it will get you all set for the great movies coming in the fall.
  • And finally, GameHouse.com, where the fun never ends. They have one of the best solitaire games you will find for the Mac and my new personal favorite, Super Collapse. They have the version 1 for free, but if you can't find it on the site, just get it from my iDisk (the file you want is called 'CollapseFree.dmg').
Have a great summer and keep busy!

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you are completely right about the library.
before you posted that i had gone there and picked up 5 movies.

and now?
on to possibly trudging through the second part of "the Devine Comedy"
what else is there when your job-less, eh?


Comment on Sunday, June 11th, 2006 by rae

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