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Chicken Little (2005)

Posted on Saturday, May 6th, 2006 under Reviews | No comments

Chicken Little 3 out of 5 big chicken heads wearing glasses

Despite Disney's best attempts to make me want to see this film (trendy commercials, slick looking advertisements, super prominent hype), I really had not interest. It really just looked like Disney's attempt at doing something 3D and fun, without having to pay Pixar for the awesomeness.

My father-in-law just happened to have it the last time we were visiting, so I figured, "ehh ... why not."

I watched about the first half during a lunch break and pretty much came out of it thinking that I had wasted my time. The animation and rendering was pretty well done and the artistic style was quite agree-able, but the movie as a whole really seemed to be lacking that extra bit of finesse that makes an ordinary movie into something great (i.e. anything Pixar has done to date). There were plenty of intended-to-be-funny lines and such, but they mostly came across as quirky and ill-timed.

Despite my initial reaction, I decided to give the big D the benefit of the doubt and finish the whole picture. I started it over from the beginning and went straight through . And I have to say that it really did come together at the end. I mean, there were actually a few parts that made me laugh out loud (which, when you are watching a movie by yourself, is difficult to achieve). I loved the way Runt's character developed into a show-tune wailing ball of fun and whole group dynamic seemed to finally work well by the end of the movie.

I definitely have to agree with Glenn that the entire father-betraying-son concept is an enourmous burden to just drop in the laps of young and old audiences alike ... especially having it whip from being so utterly devasating to completely resolved by the end of the movie ... way too "Full House"-esque and convenient for me.

Overall, I give it a borderline 4 out of 5 stars.
Update: After watching Hoodwinked, I have to say that I dropped my opinion of Chicken Little down to 3 stars. Seeing what a smaller group of people with a much smaller budget did with a similar genre of story definitely had me rethinking my overall impression of the film.

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