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Tell Friday its Cinco de Mayo

Posted on Friday, May 5th, 2006 under Reviews | No comments

So it was sad enough that the Wilsons were leaving so soon. But since we didn't finish packing until late last night, we barely got to hang out. Everybody pretty much just crashed at our house and then of course the next morning, Jodie and I have to go to work.

Lucky for us though, the Wilsons do include Adam and he is usually late to things, so they didn't leave right at 8 like they planned. Or at 9. Or at 10. More like 10:30. Which is fine by me (though, Jodie, what were you thinking going to work so late? Silly girl).

I got to say goodbye to Adam and Vanessa like two times which is great, but after they left, the day just seemed to get worse and worse. Not only did I forget to change the date on one of my online payments and get charged Overdraft Fees, but I had to argue with a bank manager about how dumb (and inconsistent) the bank's policy is on reversing those charges.

At lunch I found out that we were approved for the new apartment we wanted (yay!), though the move-in date got pushed back to the 10th.

The only really great part of the day was going to dinner with Jodie and her dad (at Chipotle ... pretty yummy) and getting to see Mission Impossible III.
Quick review: I loved it. It is my favorite of the three. It has an amazing blend of super spy sleekness and straight-up sweet action. The overall cinematography is very different from the other two and it is entirely more intense, but in such a good way. If you liked the first M:I, watch this one. If you kinda liked the second M:I, watch this one. If you haven't seen either, don't worry ... still watch this one. You won't really have missed anything and it is really worth it.

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