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Southside Luau

Posted on Monday, April 24th, 2006 under News | No comments

Sunday started out really wonderfully ... I got a good amount of sleep and felt pretty rested. Jodie and I headed out early for Southside set-up at Freedom High School (after enjoying some wonderful Krispy Kreme donuts that Jodie bought the night before ... yay!). Practice went really well, though during the actual service, it felt like it took a few songs before we had a solid "together" sound. We pretty much right after church let out so that we could head over to Poinciana Christian for Adam Wilson's recital practice.

When we got there, Mark Atteberry thanked me again for the work done on his site .... I know, I am really proud, too! Practice went great (PCC has a really good sound onstage), with the highlights being: that funky chair that Twila Sias didn't want to use as a keyboard bench, Terry Bradds coaching us along on the jazz pieces, and Kenny Beers not having any distortion pedals and still having to "solo" during some songs ... how wonderful!

After that, Jodie and I headed home and hung out with the 426 girls for a bit before it was time for the Southside Volunteers Appreciation Dinner / Luau. There we got to enjoy the magic of Aaron Chambers, Eli Reyes, Susie Ritchetti, Josh Van Tassel and Melissa in grass skirts, as well as some really great food and fellowship.

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