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Panera Bread

Posted on Sunday, April 23rd, 2006 under Reviews Sketches | No comments

On Saturday Jodie and I headed over to the lovely UCF campus so Jodie could complete the last of her teacher certification exams. I (very happily) got to spend the day hanging out in the UCF Library. While Jodie scan-tron'd away, I got to spend some time designing a new wallpaper, drawing the evil Michelle Monster (more on that later) and enjoying the movie, MirrorMask (more on that later, too).

After Jodie finished her first test, we watched an episode of The Office and then went to Panera Bread for lunch. Although we enjoyed our delicious meal, we really could have done without the mother that decided to breast-feed her child at the booth across from us. Good thing we had Margie's new MySpace photos to keep us distracted. (Oh, and we watched this funny video, too!)

(Oh, while at UCF, Jodie's car wouldn't start one time, so it looks like I will have to spend some time checking "the connections" to the battery, as well as get the alternator tested at Advance.)

Jodie took her second test after lunch and then we heading home for a very short while (Vanessa just got some new camera equipment ... she managed to shoot her flash more than a few times right in my eyes!). We ate lunch with the girls (Erin Tyree, Michelle Diamond, and Courtney and Christi Randazzanazzanah ... yeah ...) and the Wilsons at Chick-fil-A, of course.

We attempted to take Adam's newly completed Ford Fairlane over to Old Towne for "the cruise", but apparently they are starting to trim down the acceptable cars and his had just a bit "too much rust." After spending a few moments checking out some of the classic cars, Adam, Vanessa and I headed over to the LOOP for some Ben & Jerry's (mmmhmmm for Cherry Garcia!).

I finished up the end of MirrorMask, did some dishes and then watched Equilibrium (amazing movie!). And that pretty much ended the day.

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