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Loves Hawk Nelson

Posted on Thursday, April 6th, 2006 under Life News | 1 comment

Are you as excited about the new Hawk Nelson release as I am? The accompanying artwork and and site design is really great (minus like 10 point for having such slow download times ... though once you have seen it, it is kinda worth it). Definitely be sure to check out some of the wallpapers available for download ... sweetness.

If I actually end up going to Cornerstone, FL this year, it will be because of these guys! But don't worry ... if you still want to hang out with me, I will be heading over to the House of Blues in Orlando for the Anberlin, Emery, and the Fold show. So be sure to be looking for me and the Jodie. I probably will be wearing my Forever Changed tee. :)

For those among you that have been wondering what Evenstar has been up to lately, you can now check out the fruits of our labor at MarkAtteberry.net (for you tech fans ... this was our first Ruby on Rails endeavor). Yay for site launches!

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hawk nelson is the best grup in the world I loves her music.
Iam from mexico city and I like the music in english but the best band is hawk nelson
jason dunn and daniel biro are the best music stars of the world


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