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Posted on Tuesday, April 4th, 2006 under News | No comments

So this past weekend was really fun ... we headed down South with the Chessers to First Christian Church of Pompano's 50th Anniversary. Got to see some really old friends and some just really old people ...

One of the highlights, as always, was the time I got to spend with my family. I just never get to hang with them as much as I used to ... and it is not like we even live that far away! The other real highlight of the weekend was finding this photo of Community Christian Church's and Pompano's youth groups at a CIY (Christ In Youth) Conference. Not only does it have both Jodie and I in it (yes I am the kid actin' all goofy!) in one of our earlier years of dating, but it also has Myala, Natalie, Mandie, Bobbi-Jo, Mike, Joel, Joey, David, Justin, Jackie, Lincoln, Chalis and Maria. Wow! Oh and if you look close ... Jodie is wearing that awesome Happy Time Preschool shirt! Such good memories!

BTW, I have been and will continue adding items to the Portfolio in the coming days, so be sure to keep checking that out.

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