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The Ultimate Movie Quiz

Posted on Wednesday, March 29th, 2006 under Life | No comments

This quiz follows the career of some people from Television shows to Movies, and sadly for some it goes back again. The first person to answer the most trivia questions correctly before April 14th will be crowned the winner! Some of these question may be simple but other require some taking a blast into the past.

1. What actor from the Boy Who Could Fly now does T.V. commercials? Jay Underwood

2. What one role from the Matrix movies combined two women from Bill Cosby's T.V. shows The Cosby Show & A different World? The Oracle
3. Which Friends actress was once a character on Quantum Leap? Jennifer Aniston (Rachel)
4. What two people do Saved by the Bell and The Parent Trap movies have in common? Haley Mills & Leanna Creel

5. What two people do Excalibur and Star Wars have in common? Alec Guiness & Liam Neeson
6. What character from SpongeBob SquarePants and Yes Dear was once a great actor in Disney movies like The Apple Dumpling Gang? Barnacle Boy

7. Which actress does the voice of Tour Guide Barbie along with the singing voice of Ariel not to mention dozens of other Disney character voices? Jodi Benson
8. Which cute child star got her first big break as a teen in the Napoleon Dynamite movie? Tina Majorino
9. Which major motion picture used the late Selena y Los Dinos band as a restaurant dinner show? Don Juan DeMarco
10. What spastic actor from Sleepover is now doing a commercial with the sour patch kid candies? Evan Peters (he's the one in the middle)
11. What child star actress from Zenon on the Disney channel is now a scandalous regular on soap operas? Kirsten Storms
12. What guy from the Facts of Life just won an Oscar for Best performance by an actor in a supporting role? George Clooney
13. What child scruff from Growing Pains died of hypothermia when the Titanic sank? Leonardo DiCaprio
14. Who was the awkward goof from Breaker High that became quite the romantic in the Notebook? Ryan Gosling
15. Which Carosi from Saved by the Bell did kids go hog wild for in all of the Lion King movies and spin offs? Leon Carosi (Ernie Sabella)
16. What two brothers have played curly-haired 70's rebels and military school troublemakers in popular WB reruns? Danny Masterson (Hyde from That 70's Show) & Chris Masterson (Francis from Malcolm in the Middle)

17. Which awesome Firefly/Serenity actor also did the voice of a unique robot among millions of NS5 robots? Alan Tudyk (Wash is amazing!)
18. Which Latin singer/actress first got her start as a dancer on In Living Color? Jennifer Lopez (aka J.Lo)
19. What farress from A Knight's Tale had to endure being a lady in waiting to Leo DiCarpio in The Man in the Iron Mask? Laura Fraser
20. What rejected astronaut from Apollo 13 is now an actor with an awesome name in CSI: NY on CBS? Gary Sinese (his character's name is MAC!)

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