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Time for Family traditions!

Posted on Saturday, March 11th, 2006 under News | No comments

To go along with this wonderful picture I rediscovered this morning (it was just lingering around in my iPhoto Library!) ... here are some young Cortez family traditions that you might be interesting in adopting for yourself.

1. Birthdays. They are so important ... they should be appreciated ... all day long. Which means, if you are in school, you get the day off. If you work for a living, you get the day off. If you take the day off for a living ... well, you get the idea. Birthday = Day Off.

2. Birthweek. For this family tradition, we got to coin a new phrase. If you celebrate a birthday all week long, you can't call it anything else, but a "birthweek".

Basically, this is one is about having fun, doing crazy good awesome things and generally celebrating that special someone ... but all week long. Go to the movies, buy them cupcakes, take 'em fishing ... whatever. Just be sure they know ... all week along that they are having a Happy Birthweek!

BTW, if you have a Mac and are looking for a really pretty set of photos to use as your screen-saver, go to your Screen Saver settings, choose the ".Mac" item in the list and type in "ocortez" as the dotMac username. Fluffy, huh?

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