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Anthony Smith

Posted on Sunday, March 5th, 2006 under Sketches | No comments

Wow ... so this is kinda like my first post for March ... stink! All it is really are my chapel notes from this past Tuesday, with Anthony Smith as the speaker (senior sermons and all). He did a great job and if you have seen him before, you know that the sketch isn't too far off (Although Jodie did say that his glasses look a bit like sunglasses ... but it was a quick sketch, and I was a really listening to what he was saying, and I was tired, and I ah uh ... yeah!).

Although I have made some great headway in my semi-daily comic strip journal, this week kinda blew a hole right through that, with Eric Peters being in town and all. You can read more about that part of my busy schedule by heading over to the Site News.

I will try to get some stuff up here really soon and since I have just been loving the design and art books I am picking up from the Library, I will be sure to post some of them (with reviews) to my Authors and Artists blog. Stay tuned, faithful readers ... er ... yeah!

By the way, All that She Wants by Ace of Base just played off of the "Shuffle Songs" on my iPod Nano ... followed immediately by Twenty-Three by Project 86. Pretty silly transition in genres, if you ask me!

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