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I'd wish I could fly …

Posted on Saturday, February 25th, 2006 under Sketches | No comments

I drew and inked this one during a 2-hour conference call I had on Thursday, regarding a possible upgrade in our tracking and inventory software at work. Not too boring of a time, but I sure felt like I could be enjoying life a bit more elsewhere.

Everyone seemed to like this one so much (and I have finally figured out Photoshop's brushes a bit better to suit my liking) that I will probably color it and set it up as a downloadable digital wallpaper in the near future. Excited?

By the way, a few of the techniques I utilized in this piece, I garnished from some self-imposed cartoon/art learning ... specifically a VHS called, "Cartooning Tips and Tricks - with Mike Artell". I would have linked to the Amazon.com item, but apparently they don't have it. I found my copy at the local library, so I am sure you could do the same. The content is really geared at younger artists (and literally younger people), but nothing beats a good foundation. This is just one small part of my new research and training program that will transform my current talents into something quite wonderful. :)

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