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Greater Progress of the Gospel (2/8/06)

Posted on Wednesday, February 15th, 2006 under Life | No comments

Philipians 1:12-14

Intro: I enjoy paintball. I like the idea of shooting someone and them not getting mad at you. I suggested to a few guys at my church to play and it certainly turned out for the greater progress of paintball.

By looking at Philipians 1:12-14we will see how Paul’s circumstances led to the greater progress of the Gospel and we will ask the question, “Have my circumstances…”


I can see Paul here talking with the guards constantly. I’m sure the guards would talk with each other about this guy Paul and how he wouldn't leave them alone (talk as guard, maybe) Think about your reputation to those outside of your immediate circle of friends. At work or at high school, somewhere where you consistently were with the same group of people who were not all Christians.

Ever look at one and wonder if they were a Christian? I would hate to think that someone thought that of me, wasn’t sure. I loved it when people say, “you are a Christian aren’t you?” No mistake about Paul, we should be the same. His situation led others to Christ. Maybe some of those guards accepted Christ, jailer in Acts 16. Paul's circumstances led…so should ours


Read vs. 14

I'm sure it was terrifying to preach, thrown in prison or killed.

Paul's situation motivated them, gave new passion. They saw his faith despite his situation. (Fear not those who kill the body, (Matthew 10:28) Paul gave them courage when there was none. Now exponential amounts of people because he encouraged on account of his circumstance

I am a Youth Minister, I like talking with other YMs. Share frustration, not alone, boldness
We need each other to build up, Proverbs 27:17 (iron sharpens iron)

I am like those guys, I need encouragement to help advance to Gospel
Are we like Paul? Do our circumstances…
Mind you, the focus is not on us, but what Christ does through us
Imagine what it would be like if we were doing what we were supposed to, because we were there.
Shows how he did it himself, and how he helped others to.
Read vs 12, 20

(Sermon by Adam Sarwi)

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