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Pray For Everyone (1/18/06)

Posted on Saturday, January 21st, 2006 under Life | No comments

1 TIMOTHY 2:1-8


God says that it is good that you pray for everyone. There are many things in the Bible that are called good. God is the God of good. God calls the sunset, sunrise, green grass, watermelon, etc. good. The world was created by God and He called it good. And it is good and you enjoy its goodness. You can agree that nature can be quite beautiful and good as God says it is.

But God is just not a naturalist. God says that things like love and kindness and unity are good things as well. In Psalms 133:1 it says, how good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in unity. I have been on both sides of it. I have had the roommates that all got along, and the roommates that you just didn’t work out living together. But the point is that you live together in unity and it is good.

APPLICATION: You need to pray in behalf of everyone, all kinds of men, whether you like them or not, whether you think they need it or not, because God says it is good; he says it is beautiful.


God continues and says that you need to pray for everyone because it is acceptable.

Well God tells us here that the action of praying on behalf of all men, whether they love us or hate us, is acceptable to God. That means that you are doing something which God agrees. It pleases God when you in fact pray for others, whatever their circumstances are.

Well God here tells us that He is proud of us as His children when you pray for all men.

God’s son Jesus even taught this in Matthew 5:43-44. Remember his words in Matthew? God finds it acceptable when you pray in behalf of all men. He is proud of us for this. He was proud of Jesus when Jesus prayed for those who put him on the cross. He is also proud of you, when you pray for the man you dislike, or pray for your authorities, or for your friend, for everyone.

APPLICATION: You need to pray for everyone because it is acceptable to God.


And finally you need to pray for everyone because it reflects God’s desire.

One of the more evident truths of the Bible is that God loves the world, God loves sinners. And because he loves sinners, he wants us to have a relationship. And you can achieve that relationship because his of His Son Jesus. The verses say (vs. 4-6). God says that he wants and desires all men to come to him through Christ. That means that God loves all men.

There was a man of science who was conducting an experiment on prayer. He wanted to test the power of prayer so he took a hospital ward or patients with similar illnesses and split the ward in two. He then got a group of religious people to pray for the one and not for the other. Now this experiment is repulsive to us because a may is arbitrarily choosing one group of people for which to pray and purposefully ignoring another group of people in the name of science. This is so despicable to us because this is not how God operates and this is not how God teaches us to operate with prayer. He does not tell us to choose one group of people for which to pray and purposefully ignore another group in prayer. No God loves the world and tells us that you must also show love towards the world. And one of the ways you can show love is to pray on behalf of all men, not purposefully neglecting any.

APPLICATION: You have heard it was written that you are to love as Christ loved us. Well in this passage you are told to intercede in prayer for all men as Christ died for all men.

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