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Saturday, the 14th

Posted on Monday, January 16th, 2006 under Sketches | No comments

Since last night was a late night Firefly watching with the Wilsons, I thought it best to sleep in this morning. Jodie and I got up around 10-ish, but with no real plans, other than picking our car up from the shop (nice expensive brake work ... thank you very much), I mostly just hung out in my office.

Listening to 12 stones, 311, and Avril Lavinge on Crystal Hutcheson's iTunes shared music, I worked up the new layout for the Dra Studio and began diagraming it out. I also rediscovered the great work of Ryan Ford ... his deviantart site is pretty sweet.

Later on, Jodie and I enjoyed some yummy Arby's for lunch, while watching more Firefly with Adam and 'Nessa. They had plans with Ernie and his wife for dinner, so Jodie and I shivered our way back home (it is 34 degrees right now ... in Florida!) and did some more Saturday hanging out.

When Adam and Vanessa got back home, we continued on our trek with Serenity and shuttled through a few more Firefly episodes. Afterwards, we all enjoyed a calming painting session while Adam "studied" for Bible Comp. I painted swirls, Vanessa painted something like a park (sorry I messed it up), and Jodie, a superhero named Brow Beater (thanks for the name, Adam!).

It's just about time for bed now ... so, I will add my painting to this post tomorrow.

Movies I Watched:
Step Mom
Matrix Revolutions
Firefly - Disc 3

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