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Converging Avenues

Posted on Friday, January 6th, 2006 under News | No comments

Below is something I wrote for one of the older versions of the site ... and as you can see ... I wasn't having the best of days and I was feeling pretty bitter/depressed. Enjoy!

Converging Avenues
Here is me. Here is my hectic, sleepy, depressed, one-broken-wheel cart of life. All the way over in the aisle with the yams are my hopes, dreams and aspirations. And as much as I would like to wheel and squeak my way over there and plop them down on top of my milk and Oreos, I can’t. Or at least it seems like I can’t.

Even with the great comfort, assurance and effieciency that tools like Ta-da and Expose provide for me, I constantly feel as though I have accomplished nothing. Even with a head yearning for sleep and eyes weary from staring at pixel bits, my task lists look longer than ever. And every day I can hear myself speak again those promising words of completion and normalcy … just to be defeated by another rest-less night. Another moment full of ideas creative wonders, all of which will never see the light of day. I’m too busy looking for a bottle of it among the shaving cream and hair gel.

This newest re-visioning and restructuring of the DRA Studio is nothing more than my newest feeble attempt to maintain a successful, constant outlet for my creative and profession labor. It was, of course, doomed before it even took form … more likely than not, it will be waiting with me behind the large lady writing welfare checks in the Cash Only checkout line of my future. Striving hard for daily postings and constant updates, this too will probably flop and roll away, like so many lonely detached grapes in my fuit basket.

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