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Girls Rule!

Posted on Thursday, December 22nd, 2005 under News | No comments

A strange and fun thing happened the other night just before all the students left campus to return home for the holidays. A group of girls, we will just call them the Spatula Squad so not to disclose their true identities, and a few boys from appartment 402 were involved in a little squabble with big results!

It all started on the night of Friday, December 16th, with me, that is Jodie, taking a few people to Toys'R'Us for a last minute gift. Some girls from the aforementioned group came and bought two Star Wars lightsabers and a three pack of walkie talkies. When we arrived back on cmapus the plan was to gather other weapons and terrorize the boys from appartment 411, which mostly included Eric, but we will call him Bob Dylan! The boys from 411 refused to open their doors when they saw our weapons! Apparently we caused such a ruckus that the boys downstairs, aka 402, came out and were shooting us with nerf darts.

After a few highjinks around the campus we ended up back infront of the 402 appartment with a few new fighters. One of these fighters was Oscar, although it is still uncertain which side he was on, and Nils whom we have now nicknamed "Edmund" because he betrayed us. After a watergun and cups of water were added some people got upset and retreated to their room, 402.

You might think that it would stop their, but next their were eggs and even Sunny Delight being thrown from their appartment onto the teams of girls standing outside. Finally, we called a "truce" and sadly Ryan was soaked in water, juice, pineapples, and other various sweet-smelling sticky things. The boys vowed to get us back and I am sure they will want to even more after they read this entry!

P.S. Ryan, I think that you should team up with us against Matt so he can't hide behind you. Sorry about the busted lip!

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